Are you always wondering what the heck to do for marketing your small business?

You're up to your eyeballs in platforms that need constant content to work, you can't afford help yet, the marketing guru advice is unrealistic and what you have been doing is producing mediocre results - at best.

Take a deep breath - and say hello to your savior. A $17 planner.

This is no ordinary planner though, this is a step-by-step, fillable guide written by an 18-year sales marketing veteran. Going through the planner will feel like a professional consultation, campaign marketing workshop and breakthrough CEO planning session (with yourself) - all in one multi-page download.

I Need This Planner

"I wasn't sure I needed a marketing plan but wow, this planner was a whole other level of planning and it helped me with so many key decisions!"

- Andrea

“I absolutely love this planner. It helped me a ton in sorting out my thoughts and decisions and I am learning how to reuse it every time I'm ready for a fresh marketing approach so I don't keep going back to square one every time."

- Becky

Each Planner Includes

Fillable workbook-style planning pages

From goal setting to investment to customer journey to picking platforms, every section covers a key decision in creating a complete marketing strategy.

Month-to-Month Customization

This month you're doing a promotion, next month you're pushing a new product... Put exactly what you need to prepare, create and plan for each month's specific marketing needs.

Track data, choose from lists, brainstorm ideas

Does it help to see lists of platform, content ideas and follow-up options? Need notes areas for brainstorming and saving ideas? This planner has both!

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Each planner is downloadable, fillable, printable and reusable.

3-Month Planner

$39 $17
Perfect for short-term, aggressive marketing strategies such as product launch or event campaigns.


6-Month Planner

$39 $17
Ideal for taking new leads all the way through the buyer's journey and giving marketing methods time for fair results.

12-Month Planner

$39 $17
For long-term planning, goal setting and execution of a reliable marketing strategy that has proven results

Marketing Planner FAQs

Can I print the planner?

Yes - to print your marketing planner, simply download and print! This will give you the option to fill in by hand. To take it a step further, send the document to a place like Staples where they can turn it into a booklet.

What happens once I finish the planner?

On the first page of each planner we explain how to make it reusable so you never have to get a new planner or graduate to the longer version - unless you want to. We advise making a copy of the original download that stays blank, then filling out one version. When you're ready for a new campaign, use the blank copy to create a new blank copy and so on.

Can I figure out how to fill the planner out without additional guidance?

Each section of the marketing planner includes context and instructions for use that make it simple to figure out, but we always love to share our in-depth marketing planning courses as a fantastic way to get professional help planning your marketing. Our Plan Your Marketing courses come with a free 3-month planner which means you could skip buying the planner and just take the courses.

If I download the planner and don't like it, can I get my money back?

Yes - we have a 14-day money back guarantee. All you have to do for reimbursement is email within 14 days of your purchase and we'll refund you, no questions asked.

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Hi, I'm Lindsey

 In 2019, I launched an agency doing marketing for small business owners because I love working with first-time entrepreneurs and seeing their young businesses grow. Before that, I held down a corporate leadership role for an INC 500 company as a sales marketing strategist and director.

My passion is to see new business owners do their marketing the right way - with careful decision making in the early stages so they avoid waste, mess, overwhelm and - most importantly - missed sales in the long-run.

The Marketing Plan Shop planners are a game-changing resource that walks business owners through the planning and strategy process I do for seriously effective marketing campaigns.

Got a question? I'd love to hear from you!

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